Historia - In The Round, In Your Face DVD


Ships on: July 19, 2024

This DVD features the 2 full length videos, together, along with 4 bonus videos, uniquely designed full motion menu screens, bonus interviews, subtitles. In the mid and late 1980s, Def Leppard was the biggest-selling rock band around, and the two programs on this DVD collection hark back to the British quintet's commercial heyday. Historia is an 85-minute look at the band's videos circa 1980-1988, from its debut, "Hello America," to its huge radio hits "Pour Some Sugar on Me" and "Love Bites." These videos, either silly "concepts" or lip-synched performances, are par for the early-MTV course. In the Round, in Your Face is a 90-minute concert culled from the 1988 Hysteria world tour; the excited fans are as much the show as the band, especially when hit after hit, from the opening "Stagefright" to the closing "Photograph," is played.